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Wolf Spirit Bracelet
Genevieve K.
Well made and crafted.

Beautiful natural stones. Great bracelet, the design is amazing

Will buy more soon 🤩🤩

I can not stop, I keep buying these beautiful bracelets!

My family loves it!!!

I received my 4 wolf bracelets after 12 days and me and my family love it. I got it with the buy 3 get 1 free deal. I gave one to my husband and the other 2 for my kids. We wear it all the time and absolutely adore it. Wolves are my spirit animals 😍💜

Love my wolf bracelet

This is my favorite bracelet to wear. I feel a positive energy from this bracelet.

Color is nice

I like the color and the way it is made.

Good Fit

A good bracelet for an alpha like myself :)

Wow ❤❤❤

I love this necklace. A lot of people that see it, they like it. Will be ordering more for my friends birthday.

Love my Collection 💜

This is my latest orgonite amulet from this store. I love them all, will keep expanding my collection 🤗

Helps Meditation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very strong amulet, gives me a calm sense of feeling wearing this. Also as a person that meditates allot I could tell the difference this amulet made in my meditation. As one of the previous reviews mentioned it is time to manifest all my desires 😇🙌

Sri Chakra Amulet

This amulet has become my lucky charm. I have gotten lucky wins at the casino since I started wearing this necklace. THANK YOU!!!

OM Chakra Amulet
Ashely K.
OM Chakra Amulet

My favorite by far. I feel much better when I wear this pendant.

Tigers Eye Amulet

I bought this amulet just for the design. I was pretty surprised when I won the lottery 3 days later. It was a small win. $50 but it was the first time in my life that I won anything from the lottery and I have been doing it for years. Anyway I just bought another for my girlfriend with the money I won 😁

Eye Of Horus Amulet

I've always had an interest in ancient Egypt and love the artwork and symbolism. I've shopped for an Eye of Horus/Ra necklace before but the styles and pricing didn't feel right until I saw this one. It is perfect, well made, and looks fantastic. Safety, health, wisdom and prosperity are sure to follow.

Sri Chakra Amulet

I love everything about this amulet. Also the glow in the dark effect looks amazing.

The Soul Stone

This soul stone pyramid has helped me allot with stress. It also makes me feel positive all the time. Amazing how it works.

Eye Of Horus Amulet

These Orgone Pendants are beautifully handcrafted, very artistic in detail and stands out from other Orgone Pendants, which caught my eye. It took me by surprise on how fast they arrived in such a short amount of time from the order date. I absolutely love them and happy with my purchase, looking forward to adding the other 3 to my collection soon :)

Hand Of Fatima Pendant

Absolutely amazing pendant, I am now in love with this more then I am in love with my boyfriend 😁

The Soul Stone

Love this, I get good dreams when I keep it near my bed

OM Chakra Amulet
Lenard G.
OM Chakra Amulet

I like it. Looks great on me.

OM Chakra Amulet

Feels great when I wear this

Chakra Energy Amulet

After a week I can feel the positive energy within this amulet.

Chakra Energy Amulet

I get headaches allot and I feel like this pendant has helped me reduce my headaches. Not sure how but it works!

Chakra Energy Amulet

Ever since I got this amulet my business has become more successful ?. I think this amulet really does work its magic. I bought 4 other amulets from this store after this!

Chakra Energy Amulet

Crystals have always made me feel good. I love them

Hand Of Fatima Pendant

Inside the resin pendant are small garnet stones and gold foil. I love mine ❤